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Our latest single “Last Ride” is #11 this week (July 24th/15) on the charts. Help send it to #1 by sending your vote to with “C-Weed Last Ride” in the subject line or call 204-772-8255 to request!

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The Ranville Brothers Wally, Don and Errol started out a half century ago performing live with older brother Randy Ranville as C-Weed and the Weeds back home in Eddystone, Manitoba from 1965 to 1969. The three bothers Wally, Don and Errol went on performing with guitarist Jim Flett and other guitarists, steel and piano players from 1969 to 1980 when the first recording was released, “The Finest you can buy” with hit single “Evangeline” in 1980. It wasn’t till the album “Going the Distance” was released in 1983 that the C-Weed Band with the three Ranville brothers and Clint Dutiaume connected with fans nationally by touring to promote hit singles like “Magic in the Music”,” Bringing Home the Good Times” and “Pick up Truck Cowboy” . These four original members of the C-Weed band of the 80’s have re-grouped to record and tour to promote the new single which is the title track of the new Album “Last Ride”. Wally, Don and Errol Ranville with Clint Dutiaume and great guest players will be coming to your town this year.

“I had mentioned to my Partner Ashley one day that there are only two artists that I would still love to see performing live, Bonnie Rait and Jackson Browne” says Errol Ranville. “I had the pleasure of seeing Bonnie Rait perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival two years ago”. “She is 71 years old and still rocked the audience” Ranville continues. “For my 61rst birthday last year Ashley bought us airline tickets and concert tickets to go and see Jackson Browne live in concert with John Fogerty at Long Island in New York City. While I was there I became inspired to write the song “Last Ride”. I was actually sitting in the audience at the Jackson Browne concert when I started writing the song. I got thinking that we had better get together and take that “Last Ride” to what might be our final show, before it’s too late. So when I returned from New York I began in earnest to re-group the original four members of the C-Weed band of the 80’s and began preparations to take that Last Ride”. Please listen to the lyrics of the song.

The band has recorded two songs for the new C-Weed band album so far and will release the songs to radio each quarter of the year as most folks these days buy one song at a time anyway. “Each time a new single is released it will be added to the live concert” says Wally Ranville, “We have so many songs from the C-Weed catalogue to play live already. When releasing a whole album it is always difficult to add so many new songs to the live repertoire as people still want to hear the old stuff as well”.

“We are committed to each other again as brothers of the road and we are gearing up for the ride of our lives in this last tour” says Clint Dutiaume. Don Ranville says, “ we want to go into the communities and make the statement that success is attainable to anyone as we came out of poverty ourselves from a small village in rural Manitoba and achieved this level of success that we enjoy now. The band members Errol and Wally Ranville also want to speak in the communities about addictions and Clint would like to share his fiddle lessons while Don is working on a one session drum clinic for the youngsters in the communities where we perform our live concerts. It will be great to re-connect with old friends and fans that we have met through the years as well as making new friends along the way.                                                  Welcome to our “Last Ride”… 2015 and onward.

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For the Love of the Game

Brothers Don, Wally and Errol Ranville will unite with Brothers Clint and Tom Dutiaume with female back-up/solo singer Ashley Klassen and Keyboard player Paul Hampton to bring you the closest combination of players to the magical sound of the original C-Weed Band of the 80’s.

Enjoy 2 one hour concert shows that feature original songs written by lead singer Errol Ranville as well as favorite cover songs from 19 albums covering 32 years of recording.

Errol Ranville – AKA C-Weed, went on to record 6 albums after the breakup of the original band in 1987:

I Wanna Fly (1990) the Cowboy Code (1995) Run as One – JUNO nominated (2000) Hey (2006) Redemption (2008) Forever (2012)

Songs from these recordings will also be featured in the 2014 concerts as well as the songs from an EP-CD “For the Love of the Game” to be released in summer 2014; recorded at Tom Dutiaume’s studio – The Hangar Studio in Ste. Anne, Mb.  Produced by Clint Dutiaume and engineered by Tom Dutiaume with musician’s Wally Ranville, Don Ranville, Clint Dutiaume, Tom Dutiaume, and Paul Hampton with backup/solo vocalist Ashley Klassen.

For the Love of the Game concert tour 2014 – also enjoy amazing Metis fiddle tunes from award winning Metis fiddle player Clint Dutiaume.

Book the original C-Weed Band cast for your community events now and up until November 2014. Special event shows can be arranged for Winter Dec to March 2015 as well. The “For the Love of the Game” tour will continue full time again in April 2015.

 We will attempt to stage this “For the Love of the game” concert series in all provinces and territories in Canada before year end culminating in a 3 week tour of Southern Mexico for January 2015.

An EP-CD will be released by mid-summer called “For the Love of the Game” to celebrate this nostalgic musical event.

It is a re-union of Souls before it’s too late to celebrate “the Love of the Game”.

The C-Weed Band, would like to dedicate the “For the Love of the Game” Tour -2014/15 to our late friend and mentor, Craig Fotheringham.

Ranville is working on a global tourism project called “Red River Routes” –  A troupe of musicians, dancers, performers, traditional and contemporary who bring to life the rich history and culture of the heart of Turtle Island.  Visit

Ranville is also taking bookings for young Aboriginal country songstress Ali Fontaine. Visit


This special performance features the WSO accompanying performances by Eagle & Hawk, Sierra Noble, Don Amero, Ray St. Germain, Errol Ranville & Ali Fontaine.

$15 -$20 (plus taxes and fees)
Club Regent Casino Winnipeg

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 Thursday, August 8th, at a free performance for part of the ‘Out to Lunch Concert Series’ provided by Downtown Winnipeg Biz and the Manito Ahbee Festival, Ali Fontaine announced the release of her anticipated music video “Ignorance”.

“The lyrical content makes a declaration of her identity and encourages Aboriginal youth to do the same. It is important that Ali’s message of hope and positive Aboriginal identity be shared not only through music but through this culturally and socially significant video” – Errol Ranville, Fontaine’s mentor.

A unique feature of the video is the fusion of contemporary content, indicative in Ali’s lyrics and musical “stylings”, with traditional music and dance. “As a songwriter and creator of music, I’m very grateful to organizations like Manitoba Film and Music. Having their support has made it possible for me to accomplish my goal of producing a high quality music video” – Ali

Click here to watch the NEW  “IGNORANCE” video! 

Join C-Weed Band and Ali Fontaine Thursday, August 8th, from 12-1pm at Air Canada Park, (corner of Carlton and Portage) for a live concert and special announcement! Bring your lunch for this free concert from Downtown Winnipeg Biz and ManitoAhbee 2013.

C-Weed Band and Ali Fontaine received 4 nominations at the Native American Music Awards (NAMA) in Niagara Falls, NY! C-Weed Band was up for  “Best Country Recording” for its release, Forever. Up-and-coming country songstress Ali Fontaine was up for three awards for her debut self-titled album including “Best Country Recording”, “Songwriter of the Year”, and “Best Female Artist”. That night Ali won “Best Country Recording”! Click here to read more!

C-Weed Band is now taking bookings for spring/summer/fall 2013. The show includes the original line up with Ranville brothers Errol and Don, and Clint Dutiaume on fiddle and lead guitar. Special guest Ali Fontaine is available upon request, book now for  prime time dates July and August 2013!

Check out the Live Shows page for details on the show!


Introducing “Into the Music”, a new page devoted to the inspiration and evolution of the songwriting process of singer/songwriter Errol Ranville, explained by the legend himself. Each song has a unique story, how it came to be, when it was written and where. The songs alone speak for themselves, but the stories behind them are just as engaging. Including dialogue on Run As One, I Wanna Fly, Take me Down, and Forever

It’s listed under the Greatest Hits tab, click here to check it out!

We really appreciate all of the support from our fans! You are a huge part of the ‘Magic in the Music’ and contribute to our success! Send an email to with C-Weed Band and the song title (Forever and a Day) in the subject line to request to hear C-Weed on the Aboriginal Top 40! Don’t forget to call in and make live requests to your local radio station! Thanks for your support! Hope you’re enjoying the Forever album! Ltd. and HMV Music are pleased to announce the opening of an ‘Aboriginal Music Rack’ at the HMV music outlet at Portage Place Mall in Winnipeg!
“We have so much incredible Aboriginal talent here in Manitoba, and our music infrastructure is in great need of a means to making Aboriginal music accessible in the marketplace,” says Errol Ranville, president of music distribution company Ltd. “This project will allow all Aboriginal artists across Canada an opportunity to be available to mainstream consumers.”
Read more!

The new album C-Weed Band “Forever” is the legendary country band’s most recent outing since the release of a greatest hits, “Magic in the Music,” in 2010. The album includes twelve new songs written by Errol Ranville, recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and produced by Marc Arnould and Errol Ranville. 

The new CD keeps true to Ranville’s country rock style. “I’m enjoying working with a new lineup of musicians and singers while maintaining the traditional sound with my brother Don Ranville on drums and Marc Arnould on piano” said Errol. Bass guitarist John Irvin’s Chicago upbringing brings a natural blues feel, while lead guitarist Ariel Posen adds a more current sound similar to John Mayer. The two versatile backup vocalists, Ashley Klassen and Kelly Bado (themselves singer/songwriters), were both winners of the popular Manitoba Star Attractions Showcase project 2011, which Errol produced.  Ashley Klassen, co-songwritter for “Walk me to the Edge”, has a classical training background while Kelly Bado’s voice brings a blues pop edge. Both singers belt out solos at the end of the single “Can this be Love,” which hit #1 on the National Aboriginal Top 40 Countdown. C-Weed Band “Forever” announces the next stage in this prolific musical career.

Ali Fontaine’s new album “Diamond in the Rough,” produced by Errol Ranville and Tom Dutiaume, was released in June 2012. “In my opinion, her writing has evolved tenfold from her self-titled debut album” said Ranville. “The lyrical content of her new songs such as “Ignorance” shows Fontaine’s maturity and passion for important cultural concerns that are important to us as a nation.” The album leaves the listener with plenty of breathing space between upbeat country love songs and somber ballads. The Album is available on itunes!

Visit for more info!

“I want to say a big “Hey” to all the loyal fans who voted to make my new single “Can This be Love” the #1 song on the National Aboriginal Top 40. I’m looking forward to performing the new songs with the new line up and on the occasion having Ali Fontaine as a special guest in future shows”. – Errol Ranville

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