Errol Ranville, a highly respected individual in the community and a spirited visionary and entrepreneur of the Aboriginal Music Industry, has been awarded two lifetime achievement awards to date for his passionate work developing the Aboriginal Music Industry and his renowned national success as a musician.

The new album C-Weed Band “Forever” is the legendary country band’s most recent outing since the release of a greatest hits, “Magic in the Music,” in 2010. The album includes twelve new songs written by Errol Ranville, recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and produced by Marc Arnould and Errol Ranville. The rhythmically charged first single “Can this be Love” hit #1 on the National Aboriginal Top 40 Countdown, June 2012.

Old Rodeo Cowboys was released in 1988 on the Tribute to Southern Rock album. The video was produced by Turner-McCulley Productions and was featured in the program Outlaws and Heroes on Much Music in 1988.

“The song is about salvation, I wrote it in my little house on burrows during a tough time in life, trying to get off cocaine. That song made me come in contact with my spiritual self and it lifted me out of addiction. It had the power to take me, lift me up, and put me down somewhere else, somewhere sober clean and free. I was blessed to say somehow exactly how I was feeling; maybe the song would do for others the same thing as it did for me. I was the writer, the gift was from god.” – Errol Ranville

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Magic in the Music was released on the album Going the Distance in 1983.

Run as one was released in 2000 on the Run as One album. It stayed number one on the charts for 17 weeks.

…”They came into studio that Saturday with the big drum and they sang that honor song. At that moment, I knew it was something bigger than us, something huge. It became an anthem. Phil Fontaine was the National Chief at that time and he called it the anthem of the Aboriginal community of Canada. It was a turning point in time for everybody”…

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