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A Good Feeling – C-Weed Band’s newest album – “Last Ride”

The Ranville Brothers – Wally, Don and Errol are reunited again for one last ride. Clint Dutiaume (fiddle and guitar) and Paul Hampton (replacing the late Craig Fotheringham) on Keyboards team up with the Ranville brothers for production and promotion of the new album “Last Ride” (20th album from 38 years of recording).

Leading the charge with 4 new hit singles –“ Last Ride”, “I’m Hiding”, “Brand New World” and “On My Way Home” and  set to release a powerful new 5th single, “ Rock’n the Rez” in May, 2018.  All songs written by lead singer and manager Errol Ranville produced by Clint Dutiaume and Errol Ranville, recorded at Errol’s house, engineered by Paul Hampton and mixed by Wally Ranville.

Since the release of the C-Weed band’s very first national hit single “Evangeline” (1980) written by Canada’s Robbie Robertson, the C-Weed Band still has the Magic in the Music to reach the top of the charts across the nations and to earn royalties around the world with the help of the magic of internet,  radio, Spotify and Itunes which certainly level the playing field of the current International music industry.

The live show: Since the Ranville Brothers first managed to scrape together meager instruments and a drum kit sent from Winnipeg to Eddystone by older brother Gordon Ranville (1965) the live show still has the same simple charm and tight sound that won the hearts of the Nations through the years. “We sound better as a group than we do individually” says Errol Ranville. “We are very fortunate to have honed a unique sound”.

Cultural Pride: The Ranville Brothers along with Clint Dutiaume are very aware of the powerful effect of the respect that they have earned by their relentless drive for success in music and how their success in so many ways have inspired hundreds of Indigenous musicians and artists across Canada and the reservations in the USA.

The C-Weed Band, later in their lives now, are very grateful to the Nations for their support over the years and carry their success with class and professional determination into their current campaign: the “Last Ride”.  Come on along for the ride… It’s a good feeling.  (1964 – 2018)  54 years in the making.

To listen to five new songs from “Last Ride”, go to the CBC Artists Page and key in The C-Weed Band.

For more information call Errol at 204-479-0598

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